On a damp and dreary winter's night, beside the crackling fire of our parties fortune, a new guild was forged. This band of misfits and heathens was brought together through their love of this new, savage and untamed artform. The quest for
the perfect characters to represent us on our adventure. And so life was breathed into the guild, henceforth to be known as

Join us on our journey beyond these dark woods as we search for fellow artist, gamers, misfits, socially disturbed rebels and fellow freaks. Bringing forth the finest 3D printed artwork known to these realms. We battle the unknown in our quest for perfection, as we gather our forces to rise once more!

Enter a time, where now you can collect one of a kind, hand printed miniatures
and art pieces. Ready to paint and play, battle-ready and tested true in the eyes of
our enemies. Get your adventure ready, as we set off into the unknown.