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ScatterMasters is proud to partner with Ameralabs!

We believe this is the absolute best resin on the market. Print it once, paint it once! You get what you pay for, and this resin will not disappoint. Tired of your hard work getting busted just by looking at it? Never again with Ameralabs. Your prints will not break, unless you are absolutely are intent on doing so. By far the toughest, fastest, and best resin on the market.

Print Once - Paint Once!

Now available here in the USA!

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TGM-7 fast curing resin is designed specifically for 3D printing tabletop gaming miniatures. Perfect balance between stiffness, impact resistance and flex guarantee miniatures will not break when dropped or in heated gaming sessions. On top of that, this 3D printing resin is designed to capture the slightest details of your miniatures.

TGM-7 is one of the fastest curing resins for LCD printers! Designed to work even on low powered LED/LCD 3D printers equipped with LED light sources emitting 405-420nm UV light. Works with both color and monochrome LCD screens. For example to cure 30 micron layer, you can use: 7s exposure on Anycubic Photon, 4.4s exposure on Epax X1, 1.9s exposure on Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k or 0.9s exposure on Phrozen Sonic.

TGM-7 produces dimensionally accurate and stable prints. More flexibility and stiffness ensure that the 3D prints are precise but less brittle. Combined with paintable opaque and non-sticky surface, this resin is a perfect choice for miniatures that can be actively used for tabletop gaming.

Resin is available in grey. Carefully pigmented to get ideal color that expresses the most intricate details. Colour is almost fully opaque. Surface is non-sticky and hard (75-85 shore D). After post-cure, print does not feel sticky or tacky and is pleasant to touch. It does not scratch very easily. It can be primed and painted with most popular paints.

TMG-7 Safety Data Sheet