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Pandora's Legacy Goblin Set

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  • Some things are better left untouched, for the fear what might come out of it...The legendary box that kept the darkest secrets and malicious gifts... Once opened, it brought all kind of plagues and calamities to mortals. People died, cities collapsed, screams and cries went up to high heaven. The day this box was finally sealed became the greatest relief for all the mankind. But what if some day there come another one curious enough to dare to peek inside? Not only being buried deep down in the direful Caves of Doom, the box is now guarded by five vicious sentinels. Ena, Thio, Tessera, Pendi, Exi. Fierce imps were evoked by Pandora to protect her dreadful legacy. To be sure they would fight to death with anyone who will descend to the caves, she sealed another spell within this box along with all other curses and plagues. Ancient anathema destined these imps to die agonizing death once the box is opened - and they will do their utmost to prevent it.